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We serve the residents, businesses, churches and visitors in the nearly 97-square-mile area in north central Greene County in southwest Missouri. We cover from the north boundary of the city of Springfield to the Polk County line.

A little bit of background ...

Through the years, the Ebenezer Fire Protection District has evolved from an "annual fee" based fire protection service, to a "tax based" service, and since January 2012, a 24/7 professional fire service. These changes provide better service to the Ebenezer district. With each change there comes a greater demand to provide more and a better services. Fire Fighters have become professionals who are not only prepared to fight fires but also prepared and qualified to provide emergency medical care, traffic crash services, chemical and hazardous materials safety, weather-related disasters, and public education to name a few of the high demands, high dangers your firefighters face. These demands are ever changing as our communities grow.

Since becoming a 24/7 fire service, the Ebenezer Fire department has had a greater demand upon it for firefighting services. To help meet this need, we have joined with surrounding agencies;  Willard, Pleasant View, Morrisville, Pleasant Hope, Walnut Grove, Fair Grove and Springfield;  to share services in any emergency or crisis. This coordination of departments requires everyone to have the same understanding of operations. Ebenezer, already one of the largest districts, continues to grow with new houses, and even some businesses. This has placed a need to take a lead in providing and receiving training, all in the name of providing a better and more professional fire service to those who depend upon us. A great percentage of the firefighter's down time is spent in training every day.

Improvements we have implemented substantially lowered our ISO rating from a 9 to a 3 - 5 split in early 2013, accounting for a substantial insurance savings for many homeowners. These savings should exceed the additional tax dollar paid for our full time fire service.

To meet demands there are greater needs for personnel, equipment, and facilities. Recently, in a continuing effort to meet those greater demands, the Board of Directors purchased the property on the northeast corner of Highway WW and Farm Road 145.  These ten acres will allow for future expansion. It was not a purchase taken lightly. We have often discussed the need to expand and questioned how we were going to meet that demand. When this property became available, it provided an opportunity to prepare to better meet our future needs and demands. When developed, it will provide space for equipment, personnel, operational needs and public access.

Future plans for this property will include a fire station that will be able to house the equipment we will need to continue to serve our community and meet the growing demands of the fire service. A large metal building already exists on the property that provides us needed storage and workspace for projects we are faced with today. Future plans will include the ability to offer "live burn" training, and a "gas burn" facility where firefighters can learn and train, to extinguish a fuel-fed fire. There will be space to allow fire training involving motor vehicles, hazardous materials and chemicals, as well as a location to centralize training efforts and events. There will be a fire station that will provide facilities for firefighter personnel, the administrative offices, as well as the home for fire trucks and emergency equipment.  

We will include in our plans providing services for a better relationship with our public. Building plans will include a Community Room available for public use. We would like to provide a nature trail, secure and monitored parking, and a covered shelter for public events. It is hopeful that these services, when available, will provide more interaction between the public and the fire fighters. We desire an interaction that will facilitate an improved relationship between the community and the Ebenezer Fire Protection District and better service.

The Board of Directors meets regularly each month. The public is welcome and encouraged to attend and share with us our future plans. Meeting times are posted at Station 1.

ISO Class Ratings

We are currently being re-rated for the new merged district.  We expect results to come sometime during the fall of this year.



Emergency Medical Responder (First Responder)


Ebenezer Station 4




Mon, 7/18/16; 6-10pm

Wed, 7/20/16; 6-10pm

Mon, 7/25/16; 6-10pm

Wed, 7/27/16; 6-10pm

Sat, 7/30/16; 9am-5pm


Ashlee Atkins (Lead Instructor)

(417) 848-3764